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Keyera Cares About Your Success

We support our clients well beyond the recommendations, to help them tackle the evolution of their business architecture, offering coaching, technical expertise, facilitation, consulting, audit, etc.

Who We Are

Keyera is a consultancy firm that helps you, as a change leader, to define the future instead of hiding from it.

We work alongside our clients to tackle the post-Covid urgent challenges in order to deliver better, faster and safer outcomes.

What We Do

In a Post-COVID world, technology and change presents both an opportunity and a challenge. Our unique approach to change management helps structure sustained results.

Process Optimization

Identify hidden cost in your processes using the Socio Economic Approach to Management, optimize to increase profitability

Digital Transformation

Adopt your business to the new normal, use of new emerging technologies to unlock opportunities


Train and Educate your employees to enable delivering on your organization strategy

Customer Experience

Deliver great customer experience in order to retain your clients


Build a strategy that delivers on the short term, mid term and long term objectives

Innovation Hub

Discover the emerging technologies most relevant to your business strategy


Become faster, agile, end customer focused, do more with same

Sales & Marketing

Sales Execution techniques, Pricing, Go to market, KPIs, for achieving the defined growth

Keyera is where drive meets innovation, openness fuels collaboration and difficulty gives in to teamwork.

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Drop us a line below and we’ll find a way to help you and your team out. Otherwise hit us up on


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